Introducing High Schoolers to Supply Chain Careers

AJAC Explores New Logistics-Related Apprenticeship Programs By Aaron Ferrell, AJAC Director of Marketing and Communications

Director’s Note–Fall 2021 The Chain

Mentoring for Success We all need mentors, some of us more than others. I’ve been fortunate throughout my life to have mentors throughout my life, from when I worked on trade policy in Congress to business ventures to even back in college when Charley–you remember him?–mentored us into having a deep appreciation of the late, […]

Global Trade and Supply Chain Management Sector Economic Analysis 2020 Update

Our Center recently updated our 2018 Global Trade and Supply Chain Management Sector Economic Analysis with fresh data and an initial look at the effects of Covid-19 on the industry. Download the Global Trade and Supply Chain Management Sector Economic Analysis 2020 Update.

Director’s Note–Summer 2020 The Chain

In supply chains, everything is connected. My nearly 85-year-old Mom, cat food, $1 trillion and Christmas. They’re all connected too. Wait, I can explain. Early in the pandemic, it was difficult to convince my Mom to buy her groceries online rather than going to the store and interacting with people who could infect her with […]

Handling Cargo and Procurement Mean Wealth Creation in Washington State by Spencer Cohen, PhD, Senior Economist, Community Attributes

Trade drives job growth and wealth generation in Washington. Our state is among the most trade dependent states in the U.S. Washington’s exports include not just airplanes, but also medical devices, agriculture commodities, machined parts, and processed foods, among many other Washington-made products. Added to exports, Washington is home to a comprehensive system of port […]

Agriculture Supply Chain During Covid-19

The agriculture supply chain is a very interesting and challenging world in and of itself. The products being moved are constantly changing due to crop growing seasons and consumer demand. There is also the ups and downs of the markets that purchase these products. As a wheat farmer in central Washington for 20 years, I […]

Joining the Supply Chain Workforce: An Interview with Jasen Meyers

In August and September 2019, 16 students from four colleges inaugurated the first annual Follow the Supply Chain Study Abroad program. The students followed products through the supply chain from Washington state to Vietnam and vice versa. One of the products they followed were Brooks running shoes, designed at their headquarters in Seattle and assembled […]

A Note from the Director–The Chain Newsletter, Spring 2020

In normal days, the supply chain is content to hum along, humbly minding its own business, disregarded by a world wholly reliant on it. But last week a cheery couple walked the aisle of a grocery store, stocking up on this and that, never thinking of the complicated supply chain that brought these goods into […]