Supply Chain Manager/Specialist

A Supply Chain Manager/Specialist has an important role in the planning, organizing and carrying out of large-scale projects. A Supply Chain Manager/Specialist reviews data and then enacts a plan in order to make improvements to the supply chain system. They work to promote top-notch performance from workers and lower the overall costs of items used in projects. A Supply Chain Manager/Specialist is the contact point for many large purchases made from outside of the company for projects. They ensure fair prices and negotiate with company representatives to set to it the parent company is receiving the best possible price for good solid. Additionally, a Supply Chain Manager/Specialist had detailed awareness of stock on hand and actively monitor what is being used and support builders by making sure they have the tools needed.


$85,896 in Washington,
$TBD in United States

Education & Training

Bachelor’s Degree


# TBD in Washington,
# TBD in United States


Examples of employers include Amazon, Microsoft, Multicare, and Twitch.

College Programs

See the Supply Chain Manager / Specialist section of our Education page.

Additional Information

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