International Tax Manager

International Tax Managers are employed by multinational corporations and public accounting firms to oversee and authenticate tax information on a global scale. They are generally in charge of ensuring the company is in compliance with tax regulations enforced by the international community. This is crucial for organizations that conduct business in multiple countries, as well as those that earn income from foreign investments or other corporate activities across borders. Most international tax managers start their careers as accountants in one form or another. They tend to specialize in tax law and tax planning, but are generally familiar with the structure of modern corporations and global financial markets.

International Tax Manager training includes: CPA.


$154,000 Washington,
$129,303 in United States

Education & Training

Master’s Degree and Certificate


# TBD in Washington,
# TBD in United States


Examples of employers include Amazon, PWC, and EY.

College Programs

See the International Tax Manager section of our Education page.

Additional Information

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