Export/Import Coordinator

Export Coordinators coordinate with shippers, truckers, steamship lines and overseas offices for the export of shipments. They complete the process of shipment, which includes arranging for pick-up, booking, and document preparation such as bill of lading, invoicing, etc., and forwarding follow-up with tracking and tracing to final destination. Similarly, import coordinators are responsible for overseeing the delivery of incoming goods and ensuring that they comply with customs regulations. They do this by tracking and documenting shipments, advising clients, categorizing shipments by tariff coding system, and using appropriate packaging to prepare items for shipment.


$54,500 in Washington,
$52,000 in United States

Education & Training

Certificate or Associate’s Degree


8940 in Washington,
364,461 in United States


Examples of employers include Amazon and Boeing.

College Programs

See the Export Coordinator section of our Education page.

Additional Information

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